Friday, February 22, 2008

Teacher Ordered to Trial for Assaulting Students

Feb 21, 2008 04:33 PM EST
By Scott Schaffer

A teacher will stand trial on charges she assaulted some of her students who were part of a special education program in one Luzerne County school district. Angela Kairo-Scibek, 41, left central court in Wilkes-Barre today after hearing from a judge that she will stand trial on charges of simple assault, and endangering the welfare of children.

Angela Kairo-Scibek was ordered to stand trial on charges she assaulted some special education students in the Wyoming Valley West School District.

Three students testified in court that Kairo-Scibek smacked them with a ruler when she was their teacher at Main Street Elementary School in Plymouth.

According to the testimony, some of the abuse was severe enough to leave bruises and the students were instructed not to tell anyone about the abuse or it would continue.

Two of the children testified that Kairo-Scibek would tell them it was time to play a game called "child abuse" and they were it.

Some parents became emotional in court listening to their children tell the tales of the alleged abuse. One 13-year-old girl testified that Kairo-Scibek put a pillow over her face, told her not to scream and smacked her with a ruler.

"How difficult was it for her to hear her students on the witness stand testifying against her today? Nocito: "There were numerous, numerous inconsistencies and they're the one's that we'll be exploring. They will be explored at trial," said Frank Nocito, Kairo-Scibek's attorney.

He pointed out that a police search of the classroom turned up no pillow and no ruler.

Assistant District Attorney Jenny Roberts said she's confident the testimony from her young witnesses will hold up at trial.

"It's always difficult when your witnesses are children and especially in this particular case because as you know in this case the witnesses are special needs children," Roberts conceded.

No one was available for comment this afternoon from Wyoming Valley West School District.
Newswatch 16 reported in December that Kairo-Scibek was suspended with pay last year after the allegations came to light.