Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is Your School on Our "List"?

The following schools have been identified or reported as schools that have allegedly over-used or unnecessarily used restraint or seclusion, and/or engaged in other abusive practices. Is your school on the list? Should it be? If so, please email with the school name, school district, city, and state. Your contact information will be kept confidential.

Disclaimer: This list is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please be advised that we have not personally investigated the schools on this list, but have compiled this list from published newspaper articles and/or received reports from parents, advocates, and/or others concerned about the welfare of children. We are not accusing any school or individual of wrongdoing, only reporting "allegations" for informational purposes only.

1. Artman Elementary School (K-3), Hermitage School District, Hermitage, PA
2. Hutchinson Elementary School, Laurel Highlands School District, Uniontown, PA (Restraint and Seclusion)
3. Longstreth Elementary School, Philiadelphia School District, Philadelphia PA (Restraints)
4. Martha Washington Elementary, Philadelphia, PA (Abuse)
5. Northern Potter Children's School, Potter County, PA
6. SummitQuest Academy Ephrata, PA (Residential Facility)

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